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Century Class

Built to excel in the demanding environment of long-haul trucking, the Century Class S/T combines the latest advances in safety and technology to maximize productivity. Century Class S/T is engineered to simplify maintenance and prolong life expectancy with features like the self-adjusting clutch. The aerodynamic hood decreases drag and improves fuel economy. Strong, lightweight components in the hood and fenders reduce the overall weight of the truck, allowing for increased payload. One of our most technologically advanced truck to date, Freightliner’s Century Class S/T delivers efficiency and dependability that rewards your bottom line.

Smooth and Quiet Performance
Driver comfort means better productivity. In the Century Class S/T, innovative advanced noise reduction technology creates a quiet interior on the road and at rest. Freightliner’s proprietary front and rear cab mounting system is specifically tuned to reduce road vibration and improve the ride, while helping to minimize distractions.

An Efficient Workspace That’s Functional and Comfortable

The latest technological advances, including the Driver Message Center, gives the driver performance information to help maximize fuel economy, making the Century Class S/T driving environment a comfortable, efficient and functional workspace. When you combine the built-in benefits of the Century S/T with SCR, Freightliner's choice of emissions system, you get a great truck for today and into the future.

Features and Benefits

Everything about the Century Class S/T was designed to increase efficiency. The aerodynamic hood decreases drag, helps improve fuel economy and increases visibility. The specially designed and tested grille increases airflow and optimizes cooling efficiency. Strong, lightweight components in the hood and fenders reduce overall weight of the cab, allowing for increased payload capacity.

For all its technological advances, driver safety was not overlooked. The Century Class S/T maintains the distinction of being the first North American Class 8 truck cab to meet or exceed rigorous Swedish and European ECE R-29 crash test requirements. Additionally, anti-lock brakes, driver-side airbags, first aid kit and a fire extinguisher are included as standard equipment. Other safety components, such as Roll Stability Advisor, Roll Stability Control and Lane Guidance systems are also available as options.

Driver Message Center

The Century Class S/T driving environment includes the latest technological advances designed to increase efficiency, performance and safety. The Drivers Message Center provides timely, easy-to-understand information about the vehicle’s operation including fuel economy, outside temperature, equipment faults, fluid levels, trip time, miles driven and idle hours.

Easy Engine Maintenance

The Century Class S/T hood opens a full 90-degrees to make engine maintenance easier. See-through fluid reservoirs allow instant checking of fluid levels and splash shields are mounted on the hood rather than the chassis for easy access to the engine.

Composite Headlights

The Century Class S/T features new composite headlights designed to provide better light distribution and significantly improve night visibility over traditional 7-inch round sealed headlights. Easy front access allows tool-free replacement with standard-size bulbs.

Getting There with Cleaner Air

Freightliner is committed to meeting and exceeding the EPA Smartway voluntary specification that boost fuel economy and cut emissions. Cut your fuel costs with aerodynamic features like high roof, tractor, and fuel tank fairings, plus a 2007 model-year engine. The EPA estimates these, along with a pledge to end idling and using low-resistance tires can slash fuel consumption by 10-20 percent.

  • smissions, reducing effort and stress and increasing component life.
  • The aerodynamic three-piece bumper features a steel center section and damage-tolerant plastic end caps to help localize collision damage and reduce repair costs.
  • The two-piece curved windshield reduces replacement costs and assures great visibility.
  • A 50-degree wheel cut provides optimal open-highway usage and allows for tight maneuvering and backing.
  • The spacious cab provides ample legroom and easy-to-reach controls. There’s enough headroom for standing and plenty of room for moving throughout the cab.
  • An advanced air conditioning and heating system maximizes airflow and keeps cab temperature precise and comfortable. An air filtration system purifies the air and keeps it flowing through the system’s 17 outlets.
  • The Freightliner SmartShift controls automated tran

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