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Classic / Classic XL

The Classic and Classic XL traditional styling, impressive performance and focus on driver comfort embody the freedom of the open road and the satisfaction that comes from a hard day’s work. Though they look traditional, the advanced engineering of the 120" BBC Classic and 132" BBC Classic XL allows for greater payloads and improved fuel economy. A perfect blend of past and present, the Classic and Classic XL are modern business machines with an enduring spirit and timeless look.

Productivity that Pays
Engineered with time-tested components to keep you earning revenue, the Classic and Classic XL are all about your bottom line. A tilt hood allows quick and easy access to the engine for routine service, and see-through fluid reservoirs can be checked in an instant.

A Business Partner for the Long Haul

The Classic and Classic XL aluminum cab and lightweight components allow for greater payloads and improved fuel efficiency. Reliable and dependable, the Classic and Classic XL are smart business decisions that will deliver solid returns on investment.

Features and Benefits
The cab of the Classic or Classic XL is as comfortable as it is functional. An ergonomically designed wrap-around dash puts controls at your fingertips. The instrument panel gauges are easy to read, and all switches are clearly identified. The sophisticated Driftwood Burl dash is standard, or you can opt for the handsome Rosewood finish.

Everything about the cab was designed to keep you operating at peak performance. An advanced climate control system provides comfort even in extreme weather conditions. The wide, spacious driving environment allows plenty of room to stretch, with easy access to the sleeper. With a Day Cab and five SleeperCabs available in flat, mid or raised-roof configurations, you can choose the cab that best suits your needs.

Sleeper Cabs
Classic and Classic XL Sleeper Cabs are designed for maximum comfort. From the 48-inch flat-roof to the spacious 84-inch raised-roof styles, you’ll find more comfort and luxury than ever before. Loaded with many conveniences and plenty of storage, Classic and Classic XL make life on the road more like home.

Under The Hood
Underneath the traditional squared-up chrome bumper and grille of the Classic and Classic XL lays advanced technology designed to deliver increased payloads, increased fuel economy and improved handling.

AirLiner Rear Suspension

The advanced, lightweight design of Freightliner’s exclusive AirLiner rear suspension not only helps increase your payload, it also reduces road vibration - offering you a smooth, comfortable ride. Maintenance friendly features like maintenance-free rubber bushings ensure long life expectancy and lower operating costs.

  • Substantial under-bunk storage provides additional space to stow essentials.
  • The stylish Chaparral interior is attractive and easy to maintain. Choose between the eye-catching Driftwood Burl dash and the beautiful Rosewood dash.
  • A powerful climate control system keeps cab temperature constant providing comfort in extreme weather conditions.
  • The Classic and Classic XL have an ergonomically designed wraparound dash that gives the driver complete control. There’s a full set of easy-to-see standard gauges with plenty of room for add-ons.

Cab options

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